College Football Title Game at SoFi Reveals More Liabilities

Spending $6 billion to build the world’s most state-of-the-art stadium doesn’t get you what it used to. Like walls. While the University of Georgia was 100% responsible for blowing the doors off of Texas Christian University in what was the most dominant victory in college football championship game history, the Bulldogs can’t be blamed for […]

Partner Joins Task Force

Family law partner Sharon Friedman-Castiel has been appointed to the Civility in Family Law Task Force (CFLTF). The goal of CFLTF is to bring civility to the family law industry so that the parties can leave their marriage with dignity  in order to better foster an environment for children to thrive. A tall order, indeed! […]

Free Divorce Workshop

Sharon Friedman-Castiel will co-host a divorce workshop with Ron Supancic of The Law Collaborative on July 10, 2010, from 8:30 to noon. The workshop will provide basic information concerning the divorce process, and there will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and get legal advice. The workshop, to be held at The Law Collaborative […]

Construction Newsletter Vol. 6

IN THIS ISSUE: A new twist on an old story “Automatic” termination catches many contractors off guard Job, interrupted Mecahnics’ lien rights are a matter of perspective–the court’s Historic fiction Owner’s failure to disclose building history brings harsh lesson Not dead yet: Claim periods may defy expectations Can construction managers insure against their own breach […]

Construction Newsletter Vol. 5

IN THIS ISSUE: Watch your step! Payment formalities can trip up anyone EISS claims highlight a common insurance foible Sometimes overachievers achieve nothing “Value engineering” leads to delays . . . and a lawsuit Tick tock tick tock: If you want to sue, watch the clock When can’t an architect be a general contractor? Read […]

Construction Newsletter Vol. 4

IN THIS ISSUE: A question of cake Can an owner recover cost of completion not actually incurred? Construction conglomerate renovate legal playing field Go fly a kite–and you might go to jail When it comes to mechanics’ liens, the devil is in the details Does insurance cover plain old bad work? Read More

Construction Newsletter Vol.3

IN THIS ISSUE: File Like The Wind Timeliness key for subcontractor nonpayment claims Finish work promptly or face a financial loss Warning: May require heavy lifting Getting insurers to pay up is rarely easy You are going to sue me? I don’t think so … The ugly truth: Aesthetics and arbitration may not mix “Illegal” […]

Construction Newsletter Vol. 2

IN THIS ISSUE: File Like The Wind Timeliness key for subcontractor nonpayment claims Tiptoeing Into Trouble Stealth bidder suffers consequences of low profile “Cost” isn’t always a “plus” in cost-plus contracts When is arbitration … not? Specific performance: On the rise in construction setting Read More